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Sec chat no registration. When they flew away – flies immediately gathered a circle around the bite and began to suck all that could speak.

It is so fascinated the girls that they looked at me open-mouthed. After another bite Pautov I jerked back and because of forgotten. Scratching bites, I started swearing.

Girls just looked at me and laughed.
- Why are you laughing? – I asked.
- And we thought that you care and you do not feel anything when you are bitten by insects. – Said Olesya.

- Why do not feel very feel. – I said, continuing to scrape the belly and thighs.
- We are already seeing twenty minutes as you bite Pautov and flies, and you do not even eye morgnesh – Masha explained.

- And I thought – he realized what was happening, I said.Sec chat no registration. Continue reading