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- And now, -, YOU will < ЕГО, СУКОЙ> I shout. Lidka, howled.
- Just do not hurt me anymore, I understood everything.

And so, bitch, get up and get me out of the booth, a chain with a collar. Lidka, bullet flew.

- Now put on themselves and from that moment, you will not just HIS BITCH, still my slave. – I make myself clear? BITCH! I shout again.

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And then, I caught myself thinking that I’m not just entered the role This is my, “game” and I began, in earnest excited. – Yes, my lady, whined piteously Lidka.
- And now, all resets itself, clothes you no longer need it. – You, me, going naked slave, and I warn you, if I hear a word from you – NO, or something like that,
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